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Bitter Leaf recipe that combat hypertension, strengthen the liver, normalizes blood sugar, and gives vigor

Bitter leaf helps in combating hypertension, strengthen the liver, normalizes blood sugar, and gives vigor. They have effect on stomach pains and very active in keeping the brain functioning and fresh memory.

Bitter Leaf Plant

 Bitter leaf is a vegetable, a shrub with broad leaves that can grow up to five meters if unharnessed. The leaves are green and bitter which constitutes its medicinal value. The stem, bark and root are also bitter.

Importance of the leaf

It is  rich in vitamins C, B complex and A. The mineral content especially Potassium, Phosphorous are excellent, while others like Iron (Fe) Magnesium (Mg) and Calcium are equally present in lesser amount. There are saponning-like substances as well.The crude fiber content (Pectin) is very high very helpful nutritionally and medicinally. Vernadalin and venomygdin are the active ingredients in bitter leaf.


This is produced from green leaf.

Wash the leaf

Place the leaves in a blender and add little water

Blend to desire texture and sieve

Juice is ready

Health Benefits

As a vegetable, it improves appetite because of its nature.

It stimulates Oxycontin cells or appetite to eat. Drinking water after bitter leaf makes it to give appetite to convalescing patents who lack appetite. Sick people also take the bitter leaf health diet drink to stimulate their appetite.

Also as a vegetable, the leaf helps  in tone and strengthen of the liver and the gall bladder to perform strategic functions.

This include regulating carbohydrates and fats metabolism. The liver and gall bladder help to regulate body metabolism by converting excess glucose. Gall bladder  produce a bitter liquid called the bile, which helps in the emulsification of fats. Those who lack enough bile feel like vomiting. Bitter leaf helps to tone the liver, which is vital for the healthcare of the liver.Health diet comprising of bitter leaf is the very key to maintaining good health of the liver.

Another health information shows that regular consumption  as a drink reduces hypertension.

This should be taken every night as it reduces the blood pressure systematically. After taking this for about a month, the Doctor could be invited to access the hypertension scenario to avoid low blood pressure.

As a vegetable, the leaf help the kidney to function optimally, and very vital in health care.

Consumption of drink or juice from washing a handful in a cup or in soup as pepper soup is very significant for the kidney. The kidney is very for excretion waste. Urine is the main product in man. Uric acid is the major excretory product, but in illness, protein, and meterates may be among the excreted products. Once the excretion procedure is compromised, the body will be in problem. Blood becomes poisoned and fluid accumulates in the body. Death results in no time. The optimal functioning of the kidney is vital to health care. A health diet with the vegetable, bitter leaf plays a major role in medical treatment and prevention of health issue of the kidney.

Used in medical treatment, the leaf helps to regulate sugar in the body.

Incorporating it as part of health diet help normalize blood sugar. Those that have diabetes should endeavor to eat bitter leaf soup. Or have a drink of its bitter juice three times daily. This can normalize blood sugar without drugs. Eating soups like Egusi(melon), draw soup (Ogbono) or stews made from the leaf is a panacea to many health solution. With regular and faithful consumption of of this leaf, from the soup and stews, suffers of diabetes, can normalize their blood sugar. Regular check up is also needed to avoid low blood pressure.

Lethargy is a common complaint, especially of people over the age of 50.

Very useful vital health information on bitter leaf shows that lethargy can be reversed by taking bitter leaf in form of soups or as a drink. It restores vigor and vitality. A glass of bitter leaf leaf juice taken thrice daily will revert the condition. They have curative effect on stomach ache/ upset when consumed. They also have tremendous effect against fungal infection of the skin like eczema and ringworm. Wash the effected part with bitter leaf, especially the tender one. They are effective in the medical treatment of that illness.

Bitter leaf effect to sleeplessness.

A glass of bitter leaf before bed time sooth frayed nerves and produces sleep quickly.

Tackle Cure for loss of memory

As consequence of diabetes, old age, or other ailments, loss of memory can be frustrating, and painful emotionally. There are lots of medications for this ailment, but bitter leaf is very effective on memory loss. Bitter leaf juice taken three times daily is very efficacious, and connects people to events.

Prostate Cancer.

Consumption of this leaf is known to help people with prostrate cancer. It makes the patient to urinate frequently with more volume and painlessly. This leaf is natures food and drug to man. Because of its high concentration of Vitamin C,  and high level of pectin, it also have very high effective anti oxidant, that helps fight free radicals. Free radical unleashes high level of havoc in the body cells, organ, tissue and even alter the body DNA

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