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Eggplant and eggplant healthy leaves recipes, used to make this juice

Eggplant is an annual crop plant that has the capacity grow up to 1 meter height. It has palmate venation or leaves, which is of great health benefits.

Is eggplant fruit or leaves

Eggplant is regarded as a useful vegetable and also a fruit. The plant could be found both at the temperate regions of the world and in the tropics

Nutritional properties

 It contains proteins and carbohydrates. Also it is rich in calcium iron and potassium. It has high content of vitamins A, B and C

Medicinal use of eggplant

A very rich first class food that helps nourish a weak and dehydrated person, it also has the wonderful capacity to reduce the cholesterol level of the body

The juice made from eggplant could be found to be effective against kidney diseases, and also the effect of alcoholism in the body. It is found to be a good diuretic

Cholesterol reduction in the body

Due to the high content of crude fiber called pectin, it’s  good in cholesterol reduction. The crude fiber content called pectin, binds itself with the cholesterol molecules, thus making elimination from the body easy.

A good hypoglycemic

It helps in reducing blood sugar. Its consumption is very vital for those who have diabetes. Research work to fully understand why and how it does that is ongoing.

Handling hypertension

It is very effective in reducing the body blood pressure, when they are high. The reduced cholesterol in the body always facilitates the reduction in blood pressure. Also lack of obesity has great impact in the control of high blood pressure. These are attained by the consumption of eggplant

How to improve libido

Eaten with nuts, ground nuts, cashew nuts, almond nuts will improve libido

Great body tonic

It is a tonic that cleanses the body and makes the blood to purify

Natural laxative

It has laxative effect as it greatly aids digestion. Regular consumption of eggplant daily, will sooth the stomach and relax it for painless and normal stoolling.

Eggplant and eggplant leaves recipe ingredients


Leaves of eggplant



1. Wash and Cut the leaves into pieces.

2.  Wash and cut 6 bulbs of garden egg
3. Put the leaves and eggplant in blender  

4. Add little water and blend

5. Put in a bottle.

 Take a glass cup at night before bed time.

When you urinate, you will notice the removal of salt content, which could be harmful to the body. Also other diseases causative items, which can affect the kidney, are taken out of the body through urine.

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