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Home Lifestyle Fiber recipe: Cut cancer, cholesterol, blood sugars and detoxify your body

Fiber recipe: Cut cancer, cholesterol, blood sugars and detoxify your body

High fiber recipe or roughages consumption is of great help, for good health and longevity


  1. Beans
  2. Groundnuts
  3. Coconuts
  4. Corn or maize
  5. Yams
  6. Sweet Potatoes
  7. Unpolished Rice
  8. Carrots
  9. Sugar Cane
  10. Vegetables and fruits
  11. Bitter Kola
  12. Garden egg

Effect of fiber recipe rich foods

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Foods that lack fiber are ill health inducing while those high in crude fiber recipes are good health and longevity inducing. Fibers are found only in plant materials and they act like sponges, sweeping metabolic wastes out of the Gastro-intestinal tract

Fibers are like sponges sweeping metabolic wastes from the body. There are two types of fibers

Soluble Fibers

Insoluble fibers

Whether soluble or insoluble, each category has its beneficial effect on human health.

Soluble Fiber

High consumption of soluble fibers recipes helps to keep off excessive weight gain by making the stomach to be filled quickly, thus making one feel full without additional calories the soluble fibers also bind with cholesterol molecules and in the process facilitates easy elimination through defecation. A recent study on obesity has indicated that increased consumption of soluble fibers reduces deep belly fat which is usually associated with hypertension, insulin resistance and ultimately, type two, diabetes. It means that the fiber is also responsible for the protection of heart diseases. The protective gelatinous walls/cells of the fibers on the intestine help to reduce or slow down the absorption of fatty acids and glucose into the blood stream.

Insoluble Fiber

On the other hand, insoluble fiber protect the stomach, large intestine, and colon by stimulating peristaltic movement of the gastro intestinal tract, and accelerating the speed of metabolic waste elimination.

Cholesterol Lowering Agent

Fiber rich foods, according to some studies in America as reported by American Journal of medicine, are good cholesterol lowering agents without the sides effects usually associated with drugs.

So, adequate intake of crude fibers can help keep many diseases at bay once taken regularly. There is the feeling that nutrition, when it is adequate, may hold a superior key to good health compared to medications or pharmaceuticals with their devastating side effects


High fiber recipe can reduce the probability of getting cancer.

Fibers accelerate the rate of movement of food through the stomach or small intestine as digestion is faster and cancer causing agents or carcinogens are there thereby hurriedly removed from the body system. Fibers form some protective components with the stomach to prevent cancer from taking root or growing.

Food rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers tend to lower blood sugars

They tend to slow down or decelerate the rate of conversion of carbohydrates or starch to glucose. If diabetics can consume high fibre diet, their need for drugs will be reduced by half. Men, who eat foods high in fibres, normally have 55% less risk of heart attack. Also, the risk of stroke is also out by 50% when people consume food rich in crude fibres, as reported by American Journal of Medicine

Fibre recipe, when consumed optimally, is also noted for lowering both blood pressure and cholesterol hence its ability to greatly reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack

A study also revealed that overall good health and longevity was associated with those consuming high fiber diets because the group compared with those with inadequate fiber diets were likely to die from heart related diseases and respiratory diseases.

Fiber rich diets also stimulate elimination of heavy metals

Heavy metals are very toxic to the body. Such heavy metals are mercury, lead, arsenic, etc. High fiber food reduces the length of time that such food foods and liquids stay in the body.

Increase stooling

Some researchers have observed that if fiber is taken in adequate amount, the amount of stooling will increase by four times. Thus if people eat more fiber and the amount of stool quadruples the blood level of cholesterol are bound to decline, because each stooling quantitatively reduces cholesterol from the body.

High level of fiber also facilitates the elimination of excess proteins in the body which is the culprit causing degenerative diseases.



This is also natural occurring antioxidant. It is manufactured in the body from amino acids. It is highly suspected scientifically that longevity is linked with the amount of glutathione in the body. The amount decrease with increasing age.

Sources of this important antioxidant include the following

  1. Tomatoes
  2. Carrots
  3. Potatoes
  4. Spinach
  5. Avocado pear
  6. Native pear pruns
  7. Water melon
  8. Leafy vegetables
  9. Red meat
  10. Pawpaw

Glutathione is highly thermobile and can easily be destroyed by cooking. Fresh and raw fruits are therefore the most potent sources of this vitamin

Fresh vegetables consumed liberally,daily, and sustainably could probably be one of the causes of longevity.


This is also a natural occurring antioxidant found in nearly all cells of human body. It facilitates energy metabolism. It also appers to be highly beneficial to the health of the human heart, the immune system and the brain. Green leafy vegetables, nuts, oily fish etc, are potent sources of this antioxidant.


This is also an antioxidant containing two fatty acids and a phosphate group. The cell membranes of human beings and other mammals have high amounts of phospholipids

Lecithin is an important phospholipid which has been proved by several and validated researches to be very beneficial to the brain function, the nervous system, and the skin. It helpsto control the level of cholesterol in the human blood and promotes the absorption of some vitamins

Good sources of phospholipids include

Soya products

Corn – Whole wheat



  • 4 pounds  new potatoes
  • Pinch of salt plus
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • yellow mustard-3 tablespoons
  • Carrot—5( chopped)
  • Carrot–5(Mashed)
  • 1 cup chopped onions
  • ground pepper


Put potatoes in a put and cover with water

Add pinch of salt and boil for about 10 mins

Drain and leave for about 30 mins

Cut potatoes in transfer them to the bowl Add onions, pepper, salt, chopped carrot and then chill

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