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Home Business Ideas How to secure small business loans or personal loans without collateral

How to secure small business loans or personal loans without collateral

Small business and personal loan can at times be a link factor to life or death, prosperity or poverty, promotion or demotion and success compared to failure. When secured at the appropriate time when needed, it sounds melodious. However securing such small business loans or personal loans could be a massive headache for some people or a tea party for others. The right information is very vital.

Renmoney for your business and personal loan

In Nigeria, securing such small business and personal loan has been made a tea party by RENMONEY.

Renmoney was founded as a consumer finance organization with expertise in the provision of simple money solutions, especially small business loan or personal loan, up to the tune of four million naira.

They started operations in 2012 under a unit Microfinance Banking License in Ikoyi, Lagos. However, In December 2013, RenCredit MFB Limited was re-banded to RenMoney MFB Limited – the name by which we are known today. They later a state license to operate multiple locations in Lagos State. Thus they have five branches– Ikeja, Surulere, Lagos Island, Apapa and Ikota.

RenMoney operates under a microfinance bank (MFB) licence, the closest to a consumer finance banking license available in Nigeria. The company is committed to provision of simple money solutions and currently has a staff base of over 400 employees and a customer base of over 25,000 customers and counting. Making their quest of giving small business and personal loan to the tune of four million naira achievable

Financial Technology

In their operation is Cloud technology with minimal fixed asset investment in Nigeria. They also have a functional platform which guarantees and ensures an efficient & scalable operational system. Their systems are so efficient and technology driven that makes them keep brand promise of 24 hour disbursement to customer’s preferred account.

In their boards are tested local and international financial experts. This makes the scene known that foreigners either from USA, UK or any part of the world can invest in the small business and personal loan financial sector in Nigeria, and make good profits. RenMoney board of directors and advisers include:

Stuart Mowbray – Director

Stuart is a Director on the Board of Directors and Advisors and steers RenMoney with years of international experience in the financial sector.

Ian Abrahams – Chief Executive Officer

Ian has over 15 years’ experience working with the two biggest Micro Finance Banks in South Africa specializing in credit risk, collections, operations, process and implementation of policies.

Ikenna Ajator – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Ikenna is a Chartered Accountant with thirteen (13) years working experience in Finance. Currently in charge of Finance and Treasury units at RenMoney.

With such tested hands, Renmoney has positioned itself as a major financial institution in Nigeria where you can secure credit facilities for small business loans or personal loan up to the tune of four million naira

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