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Mango medicinal value for diabetes, cholesterol, a beautification package, weight loss, and anemia

Mango medicinal value, is great for the body. Mango is a major fruit which is abundant, easy to get and very cheap but greatly underutilized is mango fruit. It has great health benefits, medicinal and nutritional value. It can be used as a beautification package for women, Control of type II Diabetes Mellitus, and Strengthening of immune system. Another health benefit of mango is to the anemic person or menopausal women. It involves alkalizing the blood, with the reduction of blood pressure. Mango fruit is very effective for natural weight loss and cholesterol reduction.

The Mango Fruit

Mango is a tropical/ subtropical fruit that is ever green and produces delicious fruits that have green, yellow and reddish skins. The mesocarp is yellow and constitute the edible portion, with or without the skin. There are so many varieties of mango fruits. Some grow up to 10 meters while some are dwarfs. Some of the fruit weight up to 200-500gm per unit, while others weigh less. The usable parts of mango include the leaves, fruit and the bark.

Nutritional Importance of Mango.

Mango has high content of minerals especially potassium (k), phosphorous (p), iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg) manganese (Mn), and cupper (Cu). The vitamin content is so high with vitamin A, C, and B complex. It also have high content of phytonutrients like pectin and flavonoids, as well as some monosaccharaides like fructose and glucose.  It also contain enzymes, co-enzymes, lycopene, carotene, citric acid, tartaric acid, malic and glutamic acid.

Mango medicinal value and benefits

Beautification package for women

Health benefit can be felt in the beautification industry.  Macerated mango fruit, mixed with cucumber on the ratio of 1:1 can be used as face plaster for 20 minutes every night for a month. This will remove all pimples, acne, scars, wrinkles of stress and ageing. It will also smoothen the face and make it fresh and polished.

Benefit for type II Diabetes melitus control

Another mango medicinal value is for diabetes. Diabetes melitus is promoted by excessive consumption of carbohydrates, white sugar, oil and fats, without adequate mineral nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. Alcohol and mineral consumption have also helped in weakening the capacity of pancreas to produce insulin. Lack of exercises or sedentary live also help in the onset of the disease.

Lower the glucose level in the blood.

Mango leaves have greater potency in sugar reduction. The fresh mango leaves are boiled to 100 degree and allowed cooling overnight. A glass of the filtrate of the boiled leaf is taken day and night. The dose should be 5-7 mango leaves to one glass of water. The mango fruit should not be more than one a day and should be eaten with the back. This makes mango medicinal value in sugar reduction, in the body great

Mango health benefit: the Immune System

The fact that mango fruit is loaded with phytonutrients including carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamin E and C makes them very effective in revitalizing the immune system. The immune system helps the body to fight invading germs.

Benefit to Anemic person and Menopausal Woman.

It have high concentration of iron which is an important component of blood. The vitamin B complex, the enzymes, and coenzymes found in mangoes are very essential for blood formation. This is especially important to woman who need to replenish their blood more often than men due to their menstrual period.

The calcium level in mango is equally of great health benefit to women, especially the pregnant women and those that are past the age of menopause. The high calcium content helps in strengthening their bones as older women tend to have weakened or decreased bone density.

Mango alkalizes the blood.

When the body is too acidic, ill health occurs. The bye products of metabolism of most food items in the body lead to high acid content of the body, thus provoking many ailments. Since the blood tends to be acidic due to metabolic wastes, any food that alkalizes the body tends to promote good health.

Mango when consumed as fruits have alkalizing effects on the blood system of man.

Blood Pressure Reduction

Consumption of mango fruit and the drinking of the decoction of the mango leaves is helpful in reducing blood pressure. The crude fiber contents that helps reduce cholesterol also have beneficial effects on blood pressure as  the arteries are unclogged of fat globules inside the lumen of both arteries and veins. This facilitates adequate blood circulation, thereby promoting overall cardiovascular health.

Weight loss with mango

Consumption of mango help in natural weight loss. This also tends to affect positively the blood pressure. Reduced weight helps reduction in blood pressure without drugs. Can mango help you to lose weight? Definitely, It is of great help to natural weight loss

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Mango fruits helps in constipation

The enzymes, co-enzymes as well as high vitamin content, the acid content, and the phytochemicals have been identified to aid digestion and break down of protein. The crude fiber helps in peristaltic bowl movement and aids digestion of food in the gastrointestinal tract. Is mango good for digestive system? Yes, It is very effective for the digestive system

Health benefit: Vision

Vitamin A is noted for good eyesight and prevention of night blindness. It have high concentration of Vitamin A.  Thus consumption of the fruit is very beneficial for good eyesight and prevention of night blindness.

Other Health Benefits

It aids memory due to its glutamic acid content. It also tone the kidney and prevents kidney stones. It is equally good for the skin and it detoxifies the body. Mango is very popular especially at the rural regions


4 large green mangos, washed & peeled

1 Tbsp. mustard seeds

1 Tbsp. cumin seed

2 tsp. ground black pepper

1 Tbsp. red chile powder

1 Tbsp. ground turmeric

1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar

4 cloves garlic, finely minced


 Drain mangoes to get the liquid and then dry others

Adds spices in warm water and leave for 5 mins

Put garlic and add mango and leave in the warm water for about 2 min

Put in a blender and blend Pour to airtight container and refrigerate

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