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7 reasons why you need this okra recipe.

This herb is found in temperate and tropical areas, it’s amazingly healthy, though it’s mostly not utilized in households.

The Okra Benefits

Okra is good for the brain

Okra is high in antioxidants. This helps in reducing risks of serious diseases.

 It prevents inflammation, and also add to overall health of the body. It contains polyphenols which contributes to heart health and brain health

It lowers blood glucose and control diabetic conditions.

Healthy blood sugar is vital for overall health. Constant high blood sugar, have the tendency  to cause prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Research shows that eating okra helps in decreasing the blood sugar levels. source

Researchers show that the okra may have decreased sugar absorption rate in the digestive tract. This leads to a stable blood sugar response

Prevents kidney stones

In preventing kidney diseases, it is very useful. Patients that have daily consumption of okra, had reductions in signs of kidney damage.

journal ISRN Pharmaceutics2015. Web. 18 Sep 2015.

In a  2005 study published in the Jilin Medical Journal, it also indicates that okra plays vital roles in  preventing kidney disease. It was also shown that patients who ate okra daily had reduced signs of kidney damage compared to those, that take  diabetic diet

Lowers bad cholesterol

As stated initially, okra is high with fiber content. This promotes good digestive health. Cholesterol levels are reduced.

It occurs by binding to the cholesterol in other foods. They are then excreted from the body. High cholesterol levels are associated with a greater risk of heart disease

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