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Foot detox baths that detoxify your body with natural plants

One way to improve the disposal of harmful substances from the body is through foot detox baths. It is also a source of relaxing the body.

Foot detox baths

This disposal of harmful substances from the body, helps in accelerating the treatment of many health disorders.

Steps for foot detox

Rub the feet with a heel stone

Make sure that the dead skin layer is taken out, to make the baths efficient.

Add 10 liters of hot water, in a bowl.

Add ten tablespoons of sea salt.

Add ten tablespoons of baking soda, with a tablespoon of ginger powder together with one spoonful of hot pepper.

Peel orange, lemon and add the peels.

This is then time to soak the feet. Then leave the feet in the bowl, for about half an hour. You should then, wash with warm water. Its very great, to carry out food detox baths daily, or as the need arises. It is perfect to do this at night, before going to sleep.

What can these foot detox baths do:

This bath helps in improving the body blood circulation, and helps in the ejection of many toxins, that do accumulate in the body. It also relaxes the muscles of the body

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