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Lemongrass tea made from lemon grass plant

Lemon grass plant belongs to the gramminaces family. It grows like rice with high tillering ability. The roots are shallow like other members of the family.

Lemongrass tea from the lemon grass plant

Lemongrass tea is gotten from lemon grass plant. It can grow up to 1.5 meters, in fertile soil and with adequate sunlight. The name lemon grass derives from the aromatic scent of the leaves

Lemongrass oil

It has essential oils which are highly volatile and other aromatic components or substances that may have not been fully investigated. It also has high vitamin C content

Lemon grass benefits


The leaves and even the rhizomatous roots could be boiled together or the leaves taken alone like tea.

Works in eliminating toxins

It makes one sweat and cleanses the body while urination also increases, eliminating waste products from the body.

It is reputed to be very effective in the treatment of malaria and stomach upset, especially those caused by intestinal toxins

Indigestion and Constipation:

Indigestion and constipation will be corrected when lemongrass tea is taken after meals.

It stimulates the body and like coffee makes for activeness and vitality of the body but unlike coffee, it does not make one nervous or jittery. It does not have caffeine which is the bioactive agent responsible for excitability and nervousness when coeffe is consumed excessively.


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It should be seen like any other tea that happens to have additional medicinal property.

The leaves can be cut and dried under shade to preserve their greenness.

Two handfuls of the leaves in a cup of water boiled to boiling point of 100 degree centigrade will extract the bioactive ingredient.

A cup or two daily after eating will be helpful in toning the entire body system.

It promotes sweating, promotes urination, and it’s a powerful detoxifier.

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