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What you need to know and do with baked pineapple

A great fruit, that is highly rich in antioxidants and nutrients, is pineapple. It is highly beneficial to the human body. Basically, pineapple could be consumed through salads, pineapple juice, taken raw, or in shakes. A very amazing way to take pineapple is in roasted or baked forms.

Baked pineapple is made from pineapple. Lots of scientific studies have shown many attributes of pineapple, of which the property to lose weight is inclusive. Pineapple juices are very popularly used in diets for weight loss.


Numerous health benefits could be found in baked pineapple. It is also known as a desert that has the capabilities and properties to lose weight


-A pineapple fruit

-Ground cinnamon

-1/2 cup purified water


Peel the pineapple.

Place the pineapple in a glass container, which can be introduced to the oven

Sprinkle cinnamon on the ground pineapple

Add half cup of water to the container that houses the pineapple and put in oven

Keep the oven at about 170 degrees. Leave for about 40 minutes. Leave to cool and then serve it in slices after been cut. You can also store in the fridge


It is a good alternative for slimming and also baked pineapple has very important, medicinal properties. These medicinal properties can have impact on your body in just few hours

-Help reduce stress

-Baked pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties

-Very important for improving joint pain and arthritis

-The defenses of the immune system is greatly improved

-Its diuretic properties are very great

-Very efficient in regulating the digestive processes

-An antidote for eye diseases

-Helps prevent plaque on teeth

-It Cures constipation

-The health of the skin is greatly improved

-Very efficient in fighting atherosclerosis, heart disease, and diabetes

Pineapple contains high level of Vitamin C. This provides protection to the body against free radicals. It has been indicated that free radicals have been one of the major cause of health challenges such as atherosclerosis and heart disease or diabetes.

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