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Celery Juice: Drink every morning on empty stomach, see 8 reasons why you need it

The healing properties of celery have been known to humanity. They believed that this vegetable, strengthen immunity. The seed is good in relieving pains

Benefits from celery juice

1. Celery reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Celery juice research is great. Those that drink celery juice, at least three times within a week, have over 70% lesser risk of having Alzheimer disease. Research shows that celery contains luteolin. This is a flavonoid, which produces anti-inflammatory effects. Brain disease is prevented, cognitive function is improved, and memory is protected and enhanced.

2.Relieves chronic inflammation

Celery contains polyacetylene. This compound have great effects and good remedy of reliving inflammation. Such inflammation includes inflammation as a result of arthritis, osteoarthritis, asthma, rheumatism, and bronchitis. The anti-inflammatory properties plays a very good role in reducing swelling. It is effective in the the treatment of painful joints, and also, relaxes the muscles. Celery plays a very active role in reducing the risk of diabetes and heart related diseases.

3.Celery is very rich in vitamin K

Vitamin K, derived from plants is very good in protection against osteoporosis. Vitamin K functions so well in allowing precipitation of calcium in the bones. This helps in the prevention of the formation osteoclasts. These are cells that break down the bone.

Daily intake of celery juice is very vital, if the body lacks vitamin K. It could be observed through, long bleeding in injuries, wounds that slowly heal, and nose bleeding. Again, women tend to have severe bleeding during the menstrual period.

Celery, is rich in various minerals that aid in building of the bones. Such minerals are magnesium, calcium, boron, phosphorus and many more.

4.Celery juice lowers high blood pressure

Based on an American study result, by taking celery, it is shown that blood pressure of the participants dropped. This averaged from 158/96 to 118/82, within one week of taking celery juice.

Scientifically it is proven that high blood pressure is reduced by 14%. This could be achieved within weeks of consuming celery juice. It is encouraged that those with high blood pressure should take celery juice.

Celery juice relax muscles found around the blood vessels. It spreads them and makes it easier for the flow of blood through them. Phthalides, which are part of celery, plays a major role in the reduction of the level of cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that is responsible in the crumbling of blood vessels. Taking a glass of celery juice, daily, is appropriate, in the treatment of high-pressure treatment. One can also, eat four stalks of celery daily, to achieve the same effect.

5.Reducing cancer risk

It is a proven fact that raw vegetables are very effective in the fight against cancer. Leading among this pack, is celery juice. Celery plant contains 18 different anti-cancer compounds. These anti cancer compounds, neutralizes the carcinogens that comes from cigarettes and many other cancer causing agents.

6.Celery juice prevents the spread of malignant cells, formed as result of cancer.

Luteolin is very effect in the war against cancer. It helps in suppressing those genes that are related with the growth of cancer growth. It also plays a good role in the reduction of spread of blood vessels around the tumor. This takes out life from the cancerous cells and subsequently causes the death of those cancerous cells. Acetylenics and phonolic acid, helps the action of luteolin

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Studies conducted in the Netherlands were fascinating. It shows that apigenin entering the composition of celery and parsley, stops the growth of two types of cells that occur in blood cancer. This action is more precise on leukemia. Also, a major important of celery is its ability to prevent the development of colon and stomach cancer.  Studies show that regular consumption of celery have great effect in the reduction of breast cancer by 19%, ovarian cancer by 20%, and lung cancer by as much as 60%.

Improves immunity

High content value vitamin C makes celery and its juice to be a great candidate in improving or creating strong immunity. The coumarin content also helps in body defense mechanism of the organism. It helps in the reduction of cold symptoms. Consumption of celery is vital when one is ill

Preparation of one glass of celery juice:

250 g of chopped celery stems


Preparation of celery juice

 Wash and clean the celery plant.

You should cut the celery stalk to pieces.

Add  in a juicer, and then put water.

Put on the juicer. Blend till you get the perfect liquid. This should be without any pieces or celery residue.

The beverage is ready.

Making a celery routine

For effective treatment and creating a deliberate improvement on the state of one’s health, do introduce celery juice in daily routine of the food intake.

Drink about 2 dl of fresh juice every morning on an empty stomach. Do not add other components to the juice. The juice is a healing drink. Thus make sure you have your breakfast, afterwards. After taking the juice, wait for about 15 minutes before breakfast.

Bad effects of celery juice Despite its many advantageous effects, celery still has its side effects. Celery, like many other plants, can cause allergic reactions. Celery or celery juice is not recommended for pregnant women and for breast-feeding. Excessive amounts of celery can cause cramping and abortion. If you have scheduled surgery, do not drink celery juice at least two weeks before

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