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Do Not Throw Away Garlic Skins: Get These Remedies From Garlic Skin

Garlic skin has health benefits.One thing you should not do is throw away the the skin. There are many reasons why you should not do that.

Garlic skin should be collected and stored.

Preparations from the skin are very powerful remedies, used for rejuvenation. They play vital role in the cardiovascular system, the bladder, and kidneys. They are used in cleaning toxins away, from organism.

Basically, the Russians use the skins of garlic. They stay to shape improve blood circulation, and used to cleanse the body.

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Cleansing the body with garlic

Pour boiled water, over a teaspoon of ground skin of garlic

Hold the water vapor

Cool then drain

Take a spoonful three times in a day

For rejuvenation

Get two cups of boiling water

Pour two handfuls of garlic skin

Stand the mixture overnight

Drain in the morning

Drink two glasses a day for one month

Prevent Flu and Cold

Get a pan

Hotly heat the pan

Add some handful of garlic skin to the pan

Inhale and repeat the process for seven days

For Diarrhea

Get a coffee grinder

Grind the garlic leaf

Take a spoon and repeat the process for a day or two

For inhalation

Get 3 cloves of garlic

Add to three cups of water and boil

Get a clean peel of lemon

Add to the boiled garlic

Inhale to clear air track

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