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The New Super Mushroom Tea Capable Of Destroying Cancer Cells But Gentle On The Digestive System

Mushroom tea, have impact on cancer cells, but also very gentle on the digestive system in the body

What are the contents of chaga mushroom tea?

Chaga mushrooms contain many active ingredients. In fact it is proven that more than 20 different bioactive ingredients can be found in Chaga mushrooms.

Can Mushroom tea destroy cancer cells?

Some of those active ingredients are super in attacking cancer cells. They are also, very effective in the prevention and further development of cancer cells.

What is chaga mushroom?

 The medicinal name for Chaga mushrooms is Inotus obliquus.  It is a black-brown fungus which belongs to the Hymenochaetaceae family.

They are found grown in mass on older birches. They also have cork texture. Quite unlike many mushrooms, the chaga mushrooms is found to have neither smell nor taste. At the temperate part of the world, chaga could be found in abundance. They also grow in the wild

An easy way to separate chaga from the trees, is by using saw, or an ac, in large cubes.

How to make chaga mushroom tea?

Soak one piece of mushroom chaga in hot water.

The tea of chaga mushroom is made

Chaga mushroom, is very popular in the folk medicine of North America. It is also, used in Finland, Poland and the northernmost parts of China and Japan.

 Russia have been using chaga mushroom as a cancer medicine, as far back as the 16th century.

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