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Why You Should Take Bitter Leaf Soup and Tea

Bitter leaf tea or extract is so easy to make at home.

What Is Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf has its name as Vernonia amygdalina. It is a shrub with broad leaves. The leaves are always green and very bitter. The liquid is bitter and that is responsible for its medicinal value. All other parts of the plants are bitter.

Researchers say eating more of bitter leaf soup could be of great help for diabetes, cancer, liver damage, drug resistant microbial infections, and promote safe childbirth.

Surely, a bitter leaf-based natural anti-diabetic medication has passed human clinical trials. It has a USA Patent No. 6531461 for the treatment of diabetes.

A phytochemotherapy (treatment based on natural plant chemicals) for cancer, made from liquid extracts of leaves of bitter leaf, collected in Benin City, has received a United States Patent 6849604.

The Research Process On Bitter Leafbitter leaf tree

This present application shows the treatment of neoplastic disease. The procedure includes a novel phytochemotherapeutic composition. It also shows the methods for producing the composition, and use of the composition in a method for treating cancer and other neoplastic diseases.

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Finding makes room for the use of a liquid extract, which is obtained through chromatographic separation, and isolated from bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina).  They inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of malignant disease. It occurs at a very high rate among women in western countries and, in the United States. It also, ranks high in death rate in women between 40 and 55 years of age (Forrest, 1990).

Their is a necessity for improved methods for the treatment of human breast cancer and other neoplastic diseases. This finding shows the use of phytochemotherapeutic compositions and methods. Cancer cells growth is inhibited, especially the human breast cancer cells.

Other Research On Bitter Leaf

Even chimpanzees, know the benefits of bitter leaf. Bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) known for its very bitter taste, has been shown to sometimes be ingested by chimpanzees suffering from parasite-related diseases (Koshimizu, 1994).

Research work into antineoplastic properties exhibited by bitter leaf have focused on chloroform extractable components. (Kupchan et al., 1969)  This gave suggestions that bitter leaf contains at least three distinct cytotoxic components. They are vernolide, vernodalin, and vernomygdin.

It contains materials, prepared from liquid extracts of bitter leaf. The research shows the method for preparing the bitter leaf aqueous extracts and also, the treatment of neoplastic diseases using these bitter leaf extracts. These methods are useful for treating neoplastic disease, especially breast cancer.

Thus a natural home made bitter leaf tea at home, gives one a chance to fight cancer and diabetes.

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How To Make Bitter Leaf Tea At Home For Good Health

bitter leaf tea

Provide bitter leaf- Vernonia amygdalina leaves.

Rinse the leaves of bitter leaf in water.

Soak the leaves in water.

Crush the leaves, through a gentle means, and produce a mixture.

Get a filtrate by filtering the mixture to remove particulate matter.

Optionally, you can concentrate the filtrate by removing water.

The juice is ready

Other Bitter Leaf Tea Benefits

Scientists from Nigeria have additionally indicated that bitter leaf shields the liver from drug based damages. A research published in the Journal of Medicinal Food recommends that bitter leaf actuates hepatoprotectivity, (gives protection against liver harm) through antioxidant activity on acetaminophen-induced hepatic damage in mice.

The roots and leaves of bitter leaf tea, has also been shown to increase uterine contraction and motility for safer childbirth. It is used in western Uganda to treat various ailments, such as treatment of painful uterus, inducing uterine contractions, and management of retained placenta and post partum bleeding, malaria, induced abortion, antimicrobes (bacterial and fungal infections), infertility, colic pains and treatment of irregular and painful menstruation

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