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How To Take Out Cancer And Tumor With These 12 Foods


onion skin

Onion rich diets reduce risks associated to prostrate cancer. Take those onions in raw onion foods, as the effecs are prounced more, in raw onions than cooked ones.

Facts about papaya leaf juice

A natural way to reduce prostrate cancer risk, is by constant consumtion of natural onions, and diets rich with onions. Make green onions and red onions, part of your natural food.

Studies show that onion extract have potent inhibitory effect for breast cancer and obesity related malignancy source

Red fruits


These red fruits as effective anti-cancer foods

Red berries have high and quality percentage of polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, and anthocyanidins.  It contains powerful  antioxidant effects.

Reseasrch shows raspberries with high level of ellagic acid. It is an excellent cell detoxifier. Cherries contain glucaric acid, which detoxify the body from endocrine disruptors. That is, pollutants that is present in our environment.

Eat these fruits in their raw state or frozen form, so as to preserve its phytochemical compounds. Avoid commercially available, factory produced juices. Most are packed with sweetners and too sweet.

Studies show that Red raspberries have antioxidant effects. They play some role in the killing of stomach and colon cancer cells Source

Anti-cancer food:Green tea

An exceptional source of anti-cancer molecules is green tea

Green tea is rich in catechins. Catechins are a family of antioxidants. Green tea is very good in preventing heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It fights obesity.  

Green tea contains high level of phytonutrient, which is high in anti-carcinogenic properties

Research by Nakachi and Imai were helpful. They found a total of 419 cancer patients. This includes 175 females and 244 males, during 10 years, from a survey of living habits of 8,552 individuals. These people are aged over 40, living in Saitama Prefecture, including their daily consumption of green tea.

They reported from their findings, a delay of 7.3 years later, the onset of cance in female patients who had consumed over 10 Japanese-size cups (120 ml/cup) of green tea per day. The result also showed that consuming over 10 cups of green tea per day significantly prevented lung cancer,  cancers of the colorectum, liver and stomach.


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