Aloe Vera Water Health Benefits Its Uses And Medicinal Effects

Aloe Vera health benefits are numerous
There are over 300 varieties of this plants .

Its a herbaceous perennial that grows like pineapple but without a fruit.

The gelatinous substance inside the glossy leaves is the medicinal essence of the plants. The gel and the liquid are extremely bitter.

The medicinal value of aloe vera was known before the birth of Christ. Archeological excavation in Egypt and the Babylonian empire showed that aloe vera medicinal value was known then.

Medicinal Properties

The active ingredients that give aloe its medicinal value include Glycosides, Aloin, Resin, Anthroquinone etc.

Medicinal Uses of aloe vera

Antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal

Due to the active principle, it is very good for treating wounds.

The gel and liquid from inside the leaves can be poured liberally on wounds. It promote rapid healing. It also cleanses the skin of eczema.

The gel and the liquid are used to wash the face and allowed to dry on the skin.
Infections can easily be treated.

Using the gel liquid to wash the hair will rid the hair of dandruff and lice because of its great antibiotic power.

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