How To Use Vegan Walnut Preparations As Anti Cancer and Anti Ageing Food

Walnut is a vine that trails around trees and it produces a “PSEUDO FRUIT” in which the edible nuts are embedded. It is a perennial crop with evergreen vegetables.

In a sense, it can be likened to other nuts like cashew nut produce by perennial trees ,and almond nuts from almond trees.

It has been grown by our fore fathers from time for both its nutritional as well as its medicinal uses. It occupies a place of priority.

Nutritional Properties Of Walnuts

It has the essential fatty acid especially linolenic acid and omega 3 fat.

Also, it is significantly rich in essential amino acids like animal proteins. It lacks the burden of bad cholesterol in animal proteins.

The content includes about fifteen – eighteen percent (15-18%) of proteins of high biological value. Sixty percent (60%) fats, mainly polyunsaturated essential fatty acids linoleic acid and linoliec acid, could be seen.

Arginine is one of the essential amino acid that is abundantly found in walnuts. The cholesterol in walnut is the good one.

Recent researches have also revealed that walnut are very rich in antioxidants (polyphenolic compounds).The others include flavonoids,quinnones, etc.

Walnuts are also very rich in important materials that facilitate the proper psychological functioning of the body.

They include copper(cu), zinc(zn), selienium(se), manganese(mn)and iron(fe) as trace elements.

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