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Natural foods that detoxify the liver, strengthen kidney fight diabetes

Natural foods such as bitter leaf and walnuts, help detoxify the liver, strengthen the kidney and fight diabetes

Bitter leaf is very rich in vitamins especially vitamins C, B-complex and A.
The mineral contents especially potassium(K) and phosphorus(P) are excellent.

Others like iron (FE),magnesium(MG) and calcium(CA) are equally present in lesser amount in bitter leaf.
There are saponnin-like substances as well. The crude fiber content (pectin) is very high and very helpful nutritionally and medicinally.

Vernadalin and Venomygdin are active ingredients in bitter leaf that gives it is medicinal value.

Natural Foods That Helps Tone The Gall Bladder And The Liver

The liver and the gall bladder help to regulate body metabolism.
The liver is very vital in carbohydrate metabolism. It converts excess glucose, resulting from carbohydrate metabolism, to glycogen.

Gall bladder produces a very bitter liquid, the bile. Bile helps in the emulsification of fats and regulation of fat metabolism and digestion.

Those who lack sufficient bile because of weak fall bladder always fell like vomiting (nausea) always.

Emulsification of fats or lipids reduces the fat molecules to tiny bits that are easily digestible.

Natural foods such as this bitter leaf juice, when consumed, helps to tone and strengthen the liver and the gall bladder.

They optimally perform those strategic functions of regulating carbohydrate and lipids or fats metabolism.

The liver is also important in the metabolism of fat and proteins in other complicated metabolic pathway.

In case of the proteins , excess of it is converted to glycogen through the process of removing the nitrogen/ammonium group (NH2) in a process called deamination of proteins.

The liver is central to the metabolism of the body and it should be well catered and cared for. No wonder it is the largest human organ befitting its strategic functions.

Adequate consumption of natural foods such as bitter leaf juice is the very key to maintaining good health of the liver.

No effort should be spared at ensuring that the liver is protected against the harmful effects of intoxicating drinks, white sugar, junk foods, etc.

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