Sleep naturally without drugs with these foods

Bitter leaf, improves taste of food and appetite because of its bitter principle which combines, in a unique way, with some elements in food.

Drinking water from bitter leaf makes it to give appetite to convalescing patients who lack appetite.

In fact , sick people who take bitter leaf pepper soup to stimulate their oxynti cells or appetite to eat.


Regular consumption of bitter leaf as drink or soup usually reduces hypertension.

The patient can also wash a handful of bitter leaf in a cup of water and drink every night before sleeping. This will reduce the blood pressure systematically.

After doing this for about a month the doctor should be invited to asses the hypertension scenario.

This is with a view to reduce the prescribed medical drugs to avoid the situation where the blood pressure/hypertension will over drop and lead to low blood pressure.

This is actually more dangerous and can take one faster to early death than hypertension itself.


Modern living with all the stress, anxiety, noise, etc tend to take its toll on people by making them to suffer sleeplessness or insomnia.

Some have resulted to valium or sleeping peels. These produce sleep in the suffer but they are addictive. As time goes by the sufferer may have to increase the dosage.

The side effects of sleeping tablets like other chemical drugs provoke other health challenges on their own.

A cup of bitter leaf juice by bed time induces natural sleep and relaxes the body nerves.

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