5 natural foods that can cleanse the liver and the body naturally

Foods that can cleanse the liver includes bitter leaf, grape, tomatoes, cucumber and walnuts, help detoxify the liver

What are foods that can cleanse the liver

As mentioned, there are lots of natural foods that can cleanse the liver. Such foods than can cleanse the liver are nuts and vegetables.

What nuts are good for liver detoxification?

Walnuts benefits as foods that can cleanse the liver

Natural foods such as walnuts have the essential fatty acid especially linolenic acid and omega 3 fat.

It is also  significantly rich in essential amino acids like animal proteins without the burden of bad cholesterol in animal proteins.

It has about 15-18% of proteins of high biological value and about 60% fats, mainly polyunsaturated essential fatty acids linoleic acid and linoleic acid.

Arginine is one of the essential amino acids that is abundantly found in walnuts.

How do I make my liver healthy

The cholesterol in walnuts is good one. Recent researches have also revealed that walnuts are also very rich in antioxidants (polyphenolic compounds).The others include flavonoids,quinones, etc. 

Walnuts are also very rich in important materials that facilitate the proper psychological functioning of the body.

They include copper (cu), zinc (zn), selenium (se),  manganese (mn), and iron(fe). 

They have trace elements as well as macro or major elements like potassium (k), magnesium (mg), calcium(ca), and phosphorus (p).

It also has vitamin A and B complex.

Liver is the organ that detoxifies all the impurities that enter the body of a man. 

The liver itself lends itself to abuse by alcohol, drugs, hepatitis and other diseases. 

There is research evidence indicating that consumption of walnuts on a regular basis has a way of detoxifying the liver. It makes it more healthy and ready for its key function of detoxifying the blood.

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