Garlic Skin: Do not throw away garlic skin because of these recipes and remedies

Garlic skin is a back peel from garlic. Garlic is an ancient food and drug that prevents and heals so many diseases naturally.

The Garlic Plant

The bulb belongs to the same family as onions. It has a strong aroma that is pungent and sulphuric.

It leaves a powerful smell in the mouth after consumption and the urine, feaces, sweat, as well as saliva will all smell of garlic thereafter. 

Garlic is native to Asia, where its used as a food condiment, spices and herbs. Till today, garlic is more pervasively and commonly used in Asia than in any other country. 

Origin of Garlic

The origin of a plant or crop is traceable to the area, or location, where its wild relatives predominate. 

This is an evolutionary and genetic theory. Asians, probably, have the highest longevity in the world and this has been connected to and correlated positively with their regular consumption of garlic. 

The middle east has also been associated with garlic. In the belief that garlic had extraordinary health giving properties, the Egyptians were said to have included garlic in the food consumed by the bulders of the pyramids who were slaves.

Others, like the Greeks, also saw garlic as a panacea and strength giving, hence all athletes were given some raw garlic before major sport events during the ancient times.

In China, garlic has been widely used from prehistoric time and up till date. It is a major part of nearly all Chinese menus.

Medicinal Uses of Garlic and Garlic Skin


Consumption of high doses of garlic, on a regular basis, is good for reducing high blood pressure. 

Blood pressure consistently above 140/80 is considered high and risky if not controlled. The systolic and diastolic pressure are both controlled by regular consumption of garlic in high doses, especially when this is accompanied by regular aerobic exercises. 

It has the effect of dilating or expanding the arteries for free flow of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. 

Garlic is thus very good for hypertensive patients, heart patients, as well as people suffering from arteriosclerosis or hardening of blood vessels instead of being elastic.

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