6 Foods That Can Kill Cancer And Destroy Turmor In The Body

6 Foods that can kill cancer and destroy tumors in the body are basically natural, plant based foods. There are various kinds of cancer, with various plant based food effects on each of them

6 Foods That Can Kill Cancer and Destroy Turmor In The Body

Below are 6 natural raw foods, which have proven to be effective against cancer and turmor

Prostate Cancer Prevention

One of the greatest health challenges that middle aged and old men face is prostate cancer, apart from hypertension and diabetes. 

The prostate gland is a small harmless gland that complements the male activities. It produces a seminal fluid that dilutes the spermatozoa. This gland can become cancerous and lead to complicated health challenges in men above 40. 

Men in this age bracket are advised to check their risk level of prostate cancer by checking their prostate specific antigen (PSA) in their blood. This value tells the doctor the risk level that the person has of prostate cancer.

 The prostrate can also enlarge without being cancerous.

 Lycopene, the red pigment in tomatoes, is found to be very effective in preventing prostate cancer. The mechanism of its action is not yet well known. 

Research has shown that men who regularly eat ripe tomatoes or drink tomato juice have lower incidence of prostate cancer compared to those who do not eat tomatoes or other food items/fruits that contain lycopene. 

Mangoes, carrot red pawpaw, red grapes and others contain some lycopene but tomato is the best and richest source qualitatively and quantitatively.

Walnut As Anti-Cancer Agent

More than any other food, walnuts appear to be the best candidate for cancer prevention when consumed regularly. 

The high concentrations of antioxidants in walnuts and the omega 3 like substances, plays a crucial role. 

Also, together with the cholesterol reducing properties, consumption of walnuts plays a very effective role in preventing cancer and tumors. 

There is research evidence in animals that walnut consumption not only prevents cancer it also helps to fight them. 

Walnuts consumption equally helps to reduce inflammation which is important in the management and control of cancers. 

Women should deliberately eat walnuts. Consumption of walnuts (7-10 nuts daily) can cut the risk of breast cancer by 50%. It can reduce the growth by the same percentage, based on extrapolation from recent research works in mice and rats by American institute of cancer research. 

Prostate cancer can equally be prevented and managed by regular consumption of walnuts. This has to be sustained for at least 4-6 months to achieve good results.

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