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Ginger Tea: 9 Proven Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

Sore throat can be cured from use of boiled ginger water and used as a gargle.

5 Remedy for Arthritis

The anti inflammatory compounds or bioactive agents in ginger tea make it a good remedy for arthritis

6.Blood Cholesterol Reduction

Ginger helps in the reduction of blood cholesterol, when consumed regularly. It can be crushed or mashed or made into a drink for this purpose. 

It can also be brewed with tea water and used in combination with any tea, coffee, cocoa, herbal tea etc

7. Ginger also reduces blood pressure

Consumption of ginger helps to reduce blood pressure and prevents the formation of clots in blood vessels thereby preventing heart attack or paralysis

One can chew ginger or can take the juice as a drink or boil it and use the water or tea. The powder can also be used to drink pap

8. Aphrodisiac properties

Consumption of ginger promotes high libido and sexual performance in men and women. 

It activates this by promoting and provoking the flow of blood to all parts of the body including sexual organs, glands or genitals. Erection of pennis in man is achieved when blood is gorged in the cavernous/spongy tissues of the pennis. 

Same with the female clitories which have to get blood gorged into it to get stimulated. The vulva and the labia minora and majora also need to be stimulated with blood flowing into them.

9 Others

consumption of ginger eases nausea, relieves toothache, eases cold and nasal congestion and i controls diarrhea. 

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