How To Prepare Alkaline Water At Home With Lemon, Baking Soda And Vitamin C, With Its Known Benefits

Alkaline water is a drink that one must take regularly. It has immense benefits to the body.

What is alkaline water

Alkaline water can simply be explained as ionized water. 

It draws several names as living water, energizing water, anti-ageing water and many more other names. 

Research results indicate the effects of alkaline water in stimulating metabolism in the body. 

It reduces blood acidity,and combats diseases. Alkaline water plays a vital role in the body, whereby organisms are able to absorb nutrients from the food more easily. 

Toxins are the major cause of diseases in the body. They also cause premature ageing.

They are stored in the body as a result of diets that are poor in nutrition, but also high with processed foods. Stress and pollution also builds up toxins in the body.

Drinking alkaline water is one best way to fight against toxins and detoxify the body. It is a great antioxidant. Great effects are achieved with daily consumption of alkaline water.

How to alkalize water at home

There are several methods of preparing alkaline water at home. It includes use of lemon, baking soda and vitamin C. However, it is very necessary that the pH level in the water is determined.

Acidic pH is caused mainly by impurities in the water.The best level of pH of the drinking water is between 8 to 9. This is achieved through various ways of alkalizing the water. Such methods include using baking soda, lemon and vitamin C.

How to use lemon to alkalize water.

Lemon is a great anionic food. When lemon water is taken, the body reacts to the anionic properties of lemon. Lemon is significant in alkalizing the water. 





Add about 2,000 liters of clean water to the pot. 

Cut one lemon into 10 equal pieces.

Add the cut lemon to the water without squeezing them. 

Add a pinch of  pink himalaya salt. 

Soak the ingredients overnight for about 12hours after covering the pot. Let it be at room temperature.

Apple cider vinegar could be used in place of lemon. 

Drink a glass of alkaline water in the morning, 15 minutes after breakfast. 

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