Major anti cancer natural foods and how to use them

During metabolism in the body, some groups of compounds are unleashed into the body system. 

They are unstable and always get themselves attached to and destroy other useful molecules or compounds in the body. 

Thus, they are reactive and unstable.

Free radicals. 

Majority of these free radicals are produced as a result of normal metabolism or physiochemical reactions in the human body. 

Poisonous or deleterious or harmful oxygen molecules are amongst these free radicals. 

These molecules of oxygen are able to oxidize or destroy harmful agents within the body

It is assumed that several thousands of these free radicals poison the body system. 

Thankfully, nature made it possible through the body defense mechanism that not only counter these attacks by free radicals but also effect repairs of the ensuing or resultant damage to the human system cells, molecules, proteins, DNA. 

Some theories have it that as one ages, there is an unleashment of the free radicals into the blood which ultimately overwhelms the body’s internal defense mechanism. This leads  to ageing and death.

The damage effects of free radicals are more critical in the major organs of the body such as the lungs, the heart, the kidney, and the liver where oxygen is plentifully supplied. 

So free radicals of oxygen can easily damage these organs.


The natural defense system is embedded in many varieties of naturally occuring substances called antioxidants

The animal body including humans produces a variety of its antioxidants or enzymes while many food substances also possess powerful antioxidant activity.

However the good news is that these free radicals can be countered with antioxidants. 

Antioxidants are particularly abundant in fruits and vegetables. Some of the best antioxidants include:






1. Carotenoids

Most yellow and pigmented fruits including grapes, mangoes, carrot etc contain carotenoid. 

They are precursors of vitamin A. Research shows that a growing number of carotenes raises the levels of these substances in our body and promotes good health.

The best sources include:





Red Pawpaw

Grape fruits


Leafy Vegetable

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