Baking Soda- Effects Of Baking Soda In Reducing Tumours and Metastases

Baking soda helps in the war against tumours and metastases. It is very handy at home and yet possesses a very powerful property.

Effects of baking soda in reducing tumor’s and metastases

Many sources indicate that baking soda has a strong ability in the fight against cancer. 

It is known as an adjuvant, a very important one, in cancer therapy.

This is as a result of its property in raising the pH of tumours and inhibiting metastases.

Solid tumours are basically acidic in nature. This is as a result of the raised glucose metabolism

Studies indicate that the acid pH helps in the tumour cell invasion and metastases. 

Scientific research on baking soda effects on tumors

Results obtained from animals indicate that oral NaHCo raises appreciably the selectively tumors pH and also reduces spontaneous growth of metastases

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