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Cabbage Juice: Health Benefits That You Should Know

Cabbage juice is of great importance to the heart, skin, anti ageing and an anti cancer food.

Cabbage is a very popular and widely grown and consumed vegetable both in the tropics and temperate regions. 

The leaves are arranged in folds and has a “global shaped”head. The overlapping leaves are arranged around a stem which is invisible until the stems are removed.

Nutritional Properties Of Cabbage

Active ingredients in cabbage include vitamins A, B, and C. It contains some minerals like potassium(k), sodium(Na), calcium(Ca), iron(Fe), some kind of glycosides, and plant enzyme.

Medicinal Properties Of Cabbage


The juice from the leaves can be taken.  A glass of cabbage juice will help to reduce the effects of ulcer naturally. 

Dr. Scheder in some of his works, “Health through Nature”, particularly highlighted the experiment validating the wound healing ability of fresh cabbage leaves. 

Drinking cabbage juice just before meals daily for 3-4 weeks will have great positive impacts on gastroduodenal ulcers. 

It is suspected that the glycocides in cabbage may be responsible for this positive impacts. Some other scientist believe that the vitamin U in cabbage may also be contributory.

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