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Is this banana-nut bread recipe bad for your health

Cutting down your weight requires great reduction in calories intake. You need to cut back on calories. However this doesn’t mean sticking to  a particular form till the goal is achieved. 

Occasional treat, gotten from  slice of homemade banana-nut bread, will not build or destroy your diet plan. However when you need banana-nut bread, check out the recipe that have considerable reduction on sugar and fats, so as to make the bread, a friendly food.

Nutritional/ Biochemical Properties

Banana have high calories in form of high carbohydrates content, some fats, vitamins-especially vitamins A, C, nd B complex including niacin and folic acid, with a host of major and minor or trace nutrients. Particulary, banana are rich in potassium. The unsaturated fatty acid is essential for so many health ill-health indications

Bread nutrition in banana-nut bread

Though banana-nut bread is rich in two greatly healthy foods- bananas and nuts, the traditional recipes, however have high content of saturated fats and probably takes high level of sugar.

A slice of banana-nut bread may have as high as  543 calories and 25 grams of fat. On a diet of about 1,300-1,500 calories daily which is the ideal number for weight loss, this slice have a percentage that can run up to 45 % of your total daily need

It’s About the Calories

Loosing some pounds means a great control of the calorie intake.Shedding of about 200-500 calories daily that one consumes is an ideal scenario that can make the person loose 1 pound daily. Basically, taking in fewer calories with great excercises is a great formula to creating this kind of deficit

A great way to easily come down on calories, is taking off foods that have lots of sugar, refined flour and less nutrition from the meal plan.

Unfortunately  many recipes for banana-nut bread fall within this field. Prepackaged varieties of banana-nut bread have even greater tendency to be high  in added sugars and fats that are heavily unhealthy. This is a health disaster, waiting to happen.

Periodic Treats

A piece of homemade banana-nut bread taken  out of the oven occasionally might just be ok, however so that you do not think you are loosing something.

According to a study published in an issue of “Psychosomatic Medicine” in 2010, it  emphasizes  that a very strict low-calorie diet have the capacity to increase a dieter’s stress levels.

This can lead to the release of more hormone called cortisol.This encourages storage of fats

It is therefore vital that in choosing banana bread, take a healthier version which uses whole wheat instead of white flour and go with olive oil.It is also essential to cut the sugar level, and most especially use low calorie sugar. Such is made specially for baking.

The use of musy brown bananas, creates natural sweetness which can make you leave out sugar entirely

Nutrition and Hunger

Adjusting all the required nutrient level, especially when one is on a diet and cutting calories is a difficult venture. Taking high daily allotted calories only on banana nut, gives less opportunity for intake of highly rich nutrient based green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains and lean protein.

These are foods which are highly valuable for these on diets. As they have few calories. One can consume lots of such foods and still stay within the daily calorie requirement.

However banana-nut have high dense of calorie in small serving, and may not fill the consumer up adequately. This could either make one take more and overshoot the calorie allotment or stay hungry, a scenario that can lead to distortion of the diet programme

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