How to make egg less banana vegan healthy bread. The health benefits and recipes

banana bread

What does the egg do in the recipe and Why is it needed? How can I develop the recipe so all those needs are met?Why the need for an eggless vegan bread?

Eggless banana vegan bread questions, are totally answered for you below with the recipe. You can also understand why this recipe works and why it will give you the best Eggless Banana Bread.

Enticing eggless banana recipe

This recipe is general to every community. The ingredients it uses are most commonly found in our pantries: whole grain flour, granulated brown sugar, oil, plant based almond milk, and baking soda.

It is of a great fact that you can still make banana bread even if you find yourself short on one of the other ingredients, though not the baking soda. Creativity can also be employed with the use of any or all the ingredients.

Function of eggs in banana bread:

  1. It act as a binder which keeps the ingredients together,
  2. It makes the banana bread to rise. This is done by trapping in air and also giving the bread structure,
  3. A rich flavor and a velvety texture (from the yolk fat) is provided by the egg.

Health issues of egg

However eggs, also have many health issues, which arises from its consumption. At some instances, it must be avoided for a healthy life style. To achieve such, eggs must be replaced. But with what, do we replace the eggs!

What do we use to replace egg

Multiple ingredients are deployed so as to do away with eggs. The mashed banana on itself acts as a binding factor replacing one use of eggs. The Whole grain baking flour powder with vinegar, helps in the lifting of banana bread. Finally, Olive oil is used to give a velvety texture to the bread.

DIRECEIONS on Making banana bread without eggs

Items needed include two bowls, loaf pan with a mixer

  1. Mash the banana with almond milk or any plant based milk, Olive oil, vanilla extract and brown sugar
  2. Using a large bowl, mix the other ingredients. They are whole grain flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon.
  3. Pour the dry mixed ingredients to the wet one and whisk all the ingredients and add vinegar.
  4. Put the items into a pan that is already prepared for baking, smooth out, sprinkle oats and then bake.

To check if the eggless banana bread is done, insert a toothpick to the middle. If it comes out clean, the eggless banana bread is ready to be served.

The use of cake tester can be made to check if the banana bread is read

Health Benefits.

Whole grain flours retain all layers of grain, and they are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. The minerals include vitamin b6 and magnesium, which strengthens immunity.

They are needed for production of energy. Glucose and some polysaccharides make bananas unique in provision of energy. The absorption of simple monosaccharide begins immediately after consumption, while further energy is released once carbohydrates are digested

 They are also good source of fibers. This plays a very vital role in digestion

The yellow fruit of banana is an excellent source of carbohydrate. This is of great need in mental and physical processes. It is also stated that banana may reduce the risk of cancer. They also reduce the blood pressure and help in digestive health. This is as a result of it being rich in vitamins A and C, and also rich in minerals such as potassium. It also have high dietary fiber.

It is also a good source of protein. Protein is vital in growth and repair of body muscles. It also stabilizes the blood sugar level.

Good source of healthy fats. Which includes nuts and olive oil? Healthy fats are vital in stabilizing blood sugar level and lowering of cholesterol level of the body

Storing the Eggless Banana Bread,

Cool the baked banana bread

Wrap the loaf in layers

keep it in an airtight container.

Let it sit out on the counter for 1-2 days, or probably in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

  1. .Its great to freeze banana bread in slices. This is as a result that the slices thaw much quicker