Garlic and Chilli Pepper: The great health benefits you do not know


Garlic keeps not just the body in top form, the brain is always alert. Chilli Pepper-Cayenne and Garlic are of great health benefits 

Health Benefits with Garlic 

Garlic shows its importance as  another natural food and a great spice. It is a bulb that belongs to the same family as onions, which has a strong aroma that is pungent and sulfuric. Native to Asia, but also abundant in Africa, where it is used as food condiment, and spice for thousands of years.


Its medicinal property is embedded which have high concentration of the active/ bioactive agents called allin. Allinase is an enzyme that transforms allin to allicine and dially disulphide when garlic is mashed, chewed or macerated. These are sulphur containing compounds that impact the garlic smell. These substances as health diet are highly volatile thus they dissolve rapidly and enter the blood stream for onward movement to body organs.

The Health diet


 Consumption of high doses, on regular basis is good for reducing high blood pressure. It has the effect of dilating or expanding the arteries for free flow of blood and oxygen.


 Type II Diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes is a dangerous condition. Garlic consumption helps in lowering blood sugar. It controls obesity. Diabetics should consume garlic regularly. 4-8 gloves twice daily will be very helpful.


 It helps in reduction of cholesterol. Garlic increases high density lipolids(HDL). This works by the absorption of cholesterol through the villi of the intestine.


 It has anti clotting properties that prevents blood from clothing. It helps to disintegrate fibrin, the proteins that form blood clots. Thus it is fibrinolytic



It has destructive impact on infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi. Besides scaling these defense systems of the body, it helps destroy some of these micro organisms directly.

It promotes good metabolism

This occurs in the body by activating chemical reactions. This reaction promotes proper elimination of waste from the body. This is a catabolic process. It gives energy and vigor to the consumers. Arthritis, rheumatism and ulcer patients will be better off, if they consume garlic.

Promotes distaste for smoking.

The urge or appetite for smoking is greatly reduced by Consumption of garlic. This could be attributed to the malodorous nature, which it gives to breath.


It contains antibiotic properties.  Garlic can be used as an antiseptic. It is proved that some bacteria are vulnerable to garlic.

SALMONELLA TYPHI is a bacteria that causes typhoid and its found in human feces. It’s very common in areas with poor sanitation and lack of hygiene. This is as a result of inadequate availability of water. Regular consumption of garlic will help cure typhoid. It will also prevent it.

ESCHERICHIA COLI is a bacterium that causes amoebic/ intestinal problems, and urinary infections. Regular consumption of garlic helps in its medical treatment.

Health Diet with Garlic

It has anti infection properties that can kill viruses. They do so by interfering with the genetic makeup. This is  of great health benefits. Herpes, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases are managed with its consumption

Another great health benefit, is that as a spice that fights cancer. Many of the food we consume are carcinogenic. However the consumption of garlic rejuvenates the activities of micro-flora and micro-fauna in the gastric intestinal tract of man and this tends to prevent  cancers of the digestive tract.

Diet rich with the spices when taken regularly is off great health benefits. Information shows that Garlic is importance in health fitness.

Health benefits of Chilli Pepper-Cayenne

It is a natural health diet. Chilli pepper  is a perennial crop.  Chilli pepper is very important as a u food spice. The fruits are red or orange in ripening. The leaves are of various shapes depending on the variety.   They are red or orange on ripening and green when unripe.


Chilli pepper has high content of Vitamin C. They also have fairly high content of other vitamins including Vitamin A. It has some minerals including potassium, and calcium. The bio-active ingredient is capsaicin.

HealthCare with Chilli pepper

One of the health benefits of chilli pepper is on blood circulation. Chilli pepper is good for the circulation of blood as it promotes flow of blood. This helps the heart beat and vascular systems. Therefore, Chilli Pepper is an important food  for control and prevention of hypertension and stroke.

Vital health information about Chilli pepper is its ability in fighting common cold. It helps in medical treatment of common cold and keeps the individual warm all the time when consumed regularly.

Due to capsaicin, it promotes regular flow of blood. Chilli pepper is vital for health care off the heart, the arteries, veins, capillaries and even the nerves. Blood flows well.

A very important health information for those that have cholesterol is that as a healthy diet,  Chilli pepper helps to thin the blood. It lowers the blood pressure, and reduces cholesterol with attendant positive impact of protecting the heart.