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Home life style Plantain herbal tea-The making and its health features

Plantain herbal tea-The making and its health features

An amazing green plant is Plantain. It is a low-growing plant, oval shaped, flat, with ribbed and leaves that are short stemmed.

The Plantain herb

Plaintain herb leaves can grow up to approximately 4 inches wide and also 6 inches long. They grow everywhere in the world: in Asia, America, Africa, Australia, Europe and New Zealand as well.

Uses of plantain herb

Plantain herb is used in ancient times as a natural remedy. It contains a lot of calcium and beta carotene. It provides vitamin K and ascorbic acid as well.

Medicinal and nutritional importance

Some of its medicinal properties are: antimicrobial, astringent, anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, demulcent, diuretic and styptic. You can eat the leaf fresh and raw or add it in different salads. Because plantain has anti-inflammatory properties it can be amazing for decreasing the pain and itch related to different skin problems.

The leaves are amazing for minor sores, insect bites, boils and rashes caused by poison-ivy. You can use it for bronchitis and coughs, as a tincture, tea or syrup.

Importance of the seeds

The seed and leaves are medicinal and used as an antidote, antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, cardiac, antitussive, diuretic, demulcent, haemostatic, expectorant, vermufuge, laxative, and poultice, ophthalmic and refrigerant.

Plantain leaf and respiratory problems

In Bulgaria there were 2 clinical trials. They documented that plantain is very effective for chronic bronchitis. The plant acts as a demulcent, such as glycerin and pectin that are very common ingredients in throat drops and cough syrups. Demulcents can relieve small irritation and discomfort by creating a soothing film over the mucous membrane that was affected.

Support bone and eye health with the immune system

Plantain leaves contain a lot of vitamin C and we all know that vitamin C is crucial for optimal immune system. The leaves contain a lot of vitamin A as well, that is amazing for eye health and it also prevents macular degeneration that can cause blindness.

Health Advantages

Plantain can be of help for different health problems. It is proven that plantain is very effective against diarrheal conditions, rashes and bites on the skin. It is also very effective on blood diseases, injuries, different glandular diseases, female disorders and mercury poisoning.

According to Life Advancer “Plantain is like a panacea for our body and it can treat everything, from digestive problems to all menstrual difficulties, to almost all skin problems and even arthritis”.

You can add it to salads, enjoy it in stir fries or chew it to ease thirst. It is a versatile wild vegetable that will maintain your health or many years.

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Plantain Herbal Tea

1 tbsp. fresh or dry whole Plantain (root, seed and leaves)

1 cup of boiling water


Add the fresh or dry plantain in the boiling water and leave it to steep for 10 min. Afterwards strain it.. Drink the tea and enjoy..

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