Eat this red onions salad: It fights cancer and protect the heart

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Onion is an ancient crop or spice whose origin is difficult to establish but it is belived that the centers of origin include ancient Egypt India China and Rome.

Onions are now a main cooking ingredient all over the world because of the taste, which is pungent: this is impacted into the food.

Alexander the Great believed that onion food when eaten made men stronger and so he feed his men with onion to conquer lands. In Rome and Greece, the poor started their day consuming onions and bread. General S. grant, the commandant general who headed the union forces during the American Civil war was reported to have so much believed in onions in strengthening his troops for battle that he said “I will not move my troops until I receive Onions. In India, onion was revered for their culinary and medicinal properties.

Onion, Allium Cepa is a bulbiferous annual or biennial crop. The bulb is the product consumed. The underground bulb is reddish or whitish depending on the variety. The leaves above the ground are greenish, while the stem is a small disc. The onion plant can grow upto 100cm above the ground. The flowers are small and whitish in clusters of unique inflorescence

Nutritional/ Biochemical Properties

The colour of onions is indicative of properties biochemically. White onions are the strongest, the yellow with the red or purple being the oldest of all but not as strong in terms of pungency. Besides the flavor, onions also provide host of biochemical and nutrients that are germane to human health either preventively or curatively. These sulphur containing compounds are responsible for the odors as well as medicinal or therapeutic values of onions.

Onions is rich in allicine, diallyle sulphide and diallyle disulphide. It also has chromium, a trace mineral that helpscells to respond to insulin. It also has vitamin C, phenols and a plentitude of antioxidants, flavonids, especially quercetin

The higher the concentration of these biochemical, that are health-giving, the stronger the odor. The more phenols and flavoniods the varieties of onions has, the more its antioxidant activities, including anti cancer activity. Once your eyes are lachrymal or crying while slicing onion, the more the bioactive agents, and the more therapeutic the onion is.


1 Cholesterol lowering

It has been proven that consumption of onions either raw or cooked has the capacity to lower cholesterol. Onions contain saponnins and these are the phytochemicals responsible for its cholesterol reducing ability. It boosts the level of good cholesterol in the body.

2. Prevent Blood clotting in the blood vessels

Blood clot dissolving activities are  increased so that the challenges of vascular blockage by clots of blood are reduced or avoided. It makes free flow of blood thereby promoting cardiovascular health and overall good circulatory system

3. Reduces risk of diabetes mellitus

Reduces the risk of type II diabetes The consumption of onions tends to promote blood sugar level reduction by not only activating the pancreases to produce more insulin,, but also making insulin more effective for blood sugar reduction

4 Bacteria Action

Onions are ant infective. The juice can successfully be used to treat wounds. Other infections caused by bacteria can be controlled by the consumption of onion. They include bronchitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, pneumonia etc.

5. Cancers

Consumption of onions reduces the risk of cancers. The antioxidants in the phenols and flavonids tend to retard the growth of these tumors or cancerous cells.

6. General Application

The gloves when eaten are good for curing constipation. They also act as diuretic.

7. Activity of the stomach

Regular consumption of onions relieves patients of the discomfort of stomach ulcers

8. Arthritis

Both osteoarthris and rheumatoid arthritis are diseases of the elderly or as from middle age. The pain relieving substances or compounds are found in onions and they help to reduce the inflammation and pains around the joints. Regular consumption of raw onions helps to reduce the inflammation and severity of the pains

9. Bloating

Not all pot bellies in men and women can be explained away easily. Some have collection of noxious fluids. Regular consumption of onions will reduce this fluid and the attendant health consequences.

10 Cardiovascular health of the heart

The heart is a master organ after the brain. Once it is malfunctioning and it’s not corrected, death can result in seconds. Consumption of raw onions is very good for the health of the heart and the entire circulatory system. It is also good for blood pressure. Onions is good in organic chemicals which help to regulate the blood by keeping it at normal temperature.

11. Asthma

Eating raw onions, once thrice weekly gives relief to pains from asthma. The onions help to reduce the inflammatory allergic response.

12 Boils

Pound raw onions and put on boil as poultice: It will hasten the ripening of boil and bursting to remove the pus. Thereafter, onion juice can heal the wound or sour quickly.



3 Bulb red onions

1 bulb white onion

10 piece of fresh tomatoes-cut/ quatered

3 tables spoon of olive oil


1 egg plant—cut/ quatered

black pepper


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Serve immediately.