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Natural migraine medication: 12 effective remedies

Natural migraine medication can be used effectively in fighting migraine. Natural migraine medication natural remedies There are several natural remedies that many people have found effective...

Can you eat spicy food if pregnant

Can you eat spicy food if pregnant? The answer may have other requirements. Can you eat spicy food if pregnant Yes, you can generally eat spicy...

Can turmeric fight cancer: Things you should know

Can turmeric fight cancer, as specifically its active compound curcumin, has been studied for its potential anti-cancer properties. Laboratory and animal studies have suggested that...

Black Rice: An Exotic and Nutrient-Rich Grain

Black rice in the agricultural tapestry of cereals, is often referred to as 'forbidden rice' or 'emperor's rice' What is black rice It is a rare...

Garlic water: How much garlic water can you drink

Garlic water is best consumed  in moderation, whether in the form of raw garlic, cooked garlic, or garlic-infused water.  Garlic water: Effects of drinking garlic Drinking...

Can migraine kill: Vital things to know

Can migraine kill. Migraines themselves are not directly life-threatening.  Can migraine kill: What is migraine They are a common and typically non-fatal neurological condition that affects...

What is the cause of dementia

What causes dementia spans various areas. What Causes Dementia Dementia can be caused by a variety of diseases and conditions, many of which impact the brain...

Is Turmeric with black pepper ideal to fight inflammation

Is turmeric with black pepper ideal to fight inflammation. A lot of people with problems related to inflammation do ask this question.  Is Turmeric with...

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