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Beet Juice :Cerebral Stimulant  That  Arouses Cognitive Functions

Beet juice, through Studies have shown that both elderly and healthy persons improve cognitive performances through beet juice.

Beet Juice Stimulates The Brain

Consuming red beet is more efficient than coffee in stimulating the brain.

Recent studies showed great roles red beet has in promoting brain health. 

40 healthy persons were used in the study. 

Those that drank more than 450 ml of beet juice had better cognitive tests than those who drank apple or black cranberry juice. 

Researchers from the Translational Science Center analyzed effects of nitrates on 14 adults that were aged over 70 during a 4-day period of time. 

Some were given breakfast high in nitrates (450 ml red beet juice), and others had a poor meal based on nitrates.

The results indicated an increase of blood flow in the white matter from the frontal lobes after consuming a meal rich in nitrates in the elderly.

Those are the areas of the brain most often linked with the degeneration process. This is known to lead to dementia and other cognitive disorders. 

Beet Juice Raises Blood Stream

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