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Enlarged Spleen: Top Best Natural Remedies For Enlarged Spleen

Enlarged spleen leads to severe situations in the body.

Roles of the spleen

Spleen is an important organ in the human body. Its role includes, elimination of old and damaged red blood cells, and helping the immune system to keep away infections from the body. 

What causes enlarged spleen

Spleen enlargement occurs as a result of overworked spleen. This is called splenomegaly. It leads to severe damage to the liver, several types of cancer such as leukemia and  congestive heart failure. 

Minor severe symptoms include frequent occurrence of hiccups, getting filled with little food and abdominal pains. 

Natural remedies for enlarged spleen

There are natural remedies that are effective in handling enlarged spleen.

The Grape Juice 

Take 3 cups from your shelf. Fill with water. Boil about 30g of grape leaves. Stop as the liquid goes to about one cup. Filter and take the juice.

Blackstrap Molasses 

Blackstrap Molasses is a great and documented, ancient remedy used against enlarged spleens. Traditional healers advise those with enlarged spleen to take it daily. The health benefits are well known in modern day medicine. It is a mineral-rich byproduct of sugar processing. 

Apple Juice  READ MORE ON PAGE 2

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