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Ovarian Cysts And Uterine Fibroids: Super Tea That Eliminates Them 

Ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids can record successful treatment without surgery or medications. 

What is ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids

Cysts are benign formations. It develops in the ovaries. It resembles a round sack and possesses various sizes. Uterine fibroid relates to mass which forms in the  uterus. It forms at the interior uterus cavities. 

Infused lady mantle and raspberry combats more development associated to ovarian cyst and uterine fibroid 

Alchemilla Mollis, called lady’s mantle, is popular, with several beneficial properties. The usage dates back to centuries ago, in prevention and treatment of many diseases. 

Prepare infusion using these methods. Combine these two plants and record great effects combating and preventing these conditions associated with ovarian cyst and uterine fibroid infusion. 

Use dried leaves with flowers from the lady’s mantle and raspberry plants. It’s very effective

Method of preparation 

Grind  lady mantle and raspberry separately.  Mix the resulting powders equally in proportions. 

Pour 5 to 7 teaspoons of the mixture to 1 liter of warm water per day, until it is properly filtered. 

Take out macerated mixture aside. Boil  plants left after the filtration process with half a liter of water. 

Allow the water to come down to room temperature. 

Filter infusion, followed by mixing with the macerated plant. 

Usage of the tea : READ MORE AT PAGE 2

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