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Onion Skin Tea: Do Not Throw Away Onion Peel

Onion skin is one thing people easily throw away. Many do not use onion skin as they consider it a waste and throw it away. Onion skin is very  nutritious if you use it in making tea drinks.

Importance of Onion Skin

The outer scales of onions could be used in soups, casseroles, and salads. The outer skins give a great source of Vitamin A, E, C and antioxidants. 

It is rich with flavonoids, especially quercetin. This acts as both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

It has phenylpropanoid antioxidants. This protects the heart and combat the aging process. It lowers bad cholesterol levels and enhances immunity.

Health Benefits Of Onion Peels

Antioxidant source

The Peels are high in  antioxidants. This manages the free radical infection.

Treat sore throat

Put onion peels in the water for about 5 minutes. Boil it and gargle with the water. It lowers inflammation in the throat with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Hair growth

Dry and poor hair could be treated with onion peels. Boil onion peel in water and wash hair regularly with shampoo. Rinse hair with this solution.

General Application

The gloves, when eaten, are good for curing constipation. They also act as diuretic, and it is a tonic.

Activities Of Stomach Ulcer

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