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Best Natural Tea For Flu Or Cold

Boil the garlic and ginger first for 15 minutes.

Steep the tea.

Add cayenne. 

For maximum effect of the tea, consume three to four cups per day. 

Olive Leaf Tea As Best Natural Tea

There are two major components in olive leaf tea. 

It includes elenolic acid and oleuropein. Both are effective at inhibiting the spread of a virus and bacteria. 

Olive leaves contain more antioxidants and vitamin C than green tea. It’s very effective against fever and malaria. 


You can purchase extracts of olive leaves, dried leaves,  powders, or even harvest your own olive leaves. Make sure that they are free from pesticides. 

Steep a teaspoon of dried leaves for 15 minutes.

You may take tea with food in order to avoid any stomach irritation. 

Olive leaf tea is very strong and can interfere with chemotherapy drugs. It reduces blood pressure.

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