With this onion skin healthy recipe: You will never throw away onion skin.

onion skin

An easy mistake many people make is throwing the skin of onion away. Many people do such mistake when using the vegetable. However, it is shown through research that onion skin contains high antioxidants, which is very beneficial for human health.

It is well established that the outer layer of onion is rich. It is loaded with flavonoids, fiber and high consentration of antioxidants. All are very benefitial to health. Through these following process, one can benefit from the high value of onions skin.

Onion skin is made of higher concentration of antioxidants than onion

Onion skin contains quercetin, a plant pigment. Thisplant pigment-quercetin, is very effective in reducing hypertension. It also stops artries from clogging. Properties such as anti cancer, anti oxidants, anti fungal and anti bacteria elements are found in the skin

Benefits of diet rich in onion skin, include cutting risks of-

  • Obesity
  • Colon Cancer
  • Intestinal problems
  • Diabetes-type 2
  • Cardiovascular illness


  • It is a powerful detoxification drink which is very easy to do.
  •  Onion skin is brewed, strained and the infusion is taken regularly, daily.
  • Collect the onion skin, put it in a glass jar.
  • Take a few pieces as when needed, and cover with boiling water.
  • Steep for fifteen minutes and strain the liquid.
  • This should be taken before going to bed. Quercetin have sedative effects, thus the best time to take the tea is while going to bed.

 Onion Skin Used in making soups and stews

  • Onion skin can be used in soups and stew as a base. Such can also be added to your homemade chilli recipe recipe. Quercetin,  which is the major ingredient found in skin of the onion is a strong flavonoid. It is an an antioxidant that has cancer fighting benefits. It is a known fact that quercetin levels are highest within and also towards the skin of onions.
  • Onions Skin High in Dietary Fiber through studies

Through research, onion skin is useful to any diet because it contains high level of insoluble fiber. This is great for normal bowel movements. Insoluble fiber plays crucial role in eliminating toxic waste from the colon. This blocks the formation of cancerous cells. Health benefits of fiber include reducing the risk of colon cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity,  and diabetes.

  • NB: Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not consume onion skin in any form.