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What Worries and Fears Does To The Body
Worries and fears destroys the body immune system, the heart, nervoust system, and have many other health effects. It is one habbit one must avoid.
What Worries and fears does to the body?
Worry is part of living, but if you can not take it off the body, seek the help of your doctor. It can harm the body
Effect Of Worries And Fears On Nervous System
It comprises the brain, the nerves, spinal cord and some special cells, named neurons. Worry triggers the release of stress hormones. They speed up the heart rate and breathing. It raises blood sugar level. More blood is send to the arms and legs. The heart, blood vessels and muscles are seriously affected.
Memory. Worries and fears impairs formation of long-term memories. It damages certain parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus. regulating fear becomes more and the person is in chronic fear.
Brain processing and reactivity. Worries and fears disrupts the processes within the brains that helps regulate emotions. It impacts on our thinking and decision-making in very negative ways. The person is now subjected to intense emotions and very impulsive reactions.
The Muscles
Worries and fears makes the muscles in the shoulder and neck to tense up. It leads to migraines or tension headaches. Apply massage or use relaxation techniques such as deep to easy off tension
Effects on Breathing
Worries and fears creat more deep breathing. for those with health issues like asthma, lung disease, or many other sever situations, its a deep problem for them .
Worries and Fears Destroy The Heart
Nagging creates a serious effect on the heart. It generates high blood pressure, a heart attack, or a stroke. Hormones that makes the heart beat faster are realeased because of higher levels of anxiety. Blood vessels are inflammed, artery walls hardened, and it build high level of unhealthy cholesterol, and many other issues.
The Blood Sugar
Stress hormones give high rate of sugar to the blood. It helps in danger times for flight away from danger, but stored if not used.If the blood sugar stay too high for long period, it leads to heart disease, strokes, or kidney problems.
Immune System
Immune system is lowered by worries and fears. It becomes more difficult to fight virus and bacteria. It can lead to cardiovascular damage and gastrointestinal health issues. Ageing is accelerated and can lead to premature death

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