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What You Should Know About Effects Of Sunlight And Health Benefits

What You Should Know About Effects Of Sunlight And Health Benefits

Effects of sunlight and health benefits are well documented medically. Sunlight have significant healthy advantages to the body.
Effects Of Sunlight And Health Benefits
Sunlight is very vital in increasing and maintaining your vital force. It has the effect of revatilizing the entire body system. Plants, green plants, most especially, etoilate and wither away quickly without sunlight. It is the same with humans. They become pale, weak and sick. As sunlight beautifies the green plants by making it greener so sunlight revitilizes the blood and makes it more red.
The effects of sunlight and health benefits include:
It manages the body calcium level.
Greatly supports healthy bones.
Plays major role in reducing inflammation.
Supports the immune system and glucose metabolism.
Research study shows that, increased sun exposure may also protect people from the following diseases:
Multiple scelerosis
Type 1 diabetes
Several forms of cancer, including colon, breast, and prostate cancer
Body exposure to UVB rays causes human skin to produce beta-endorphins. These are hormones responsible for pain reduction. Its other benefits include:
They promote sensation of well-being.
It boosts the immune system.
They relieve pain.
Promotes relaxation.
It helps the wounds to heal.
Why the early morning sunlight?
The early morning and evening sun are more important than the afternoon sun that could burn the skin with its destructive ultra-violet rays. In fact, some researches in medical sciences have shown that excessive heat from the mid day sun can be dangerous.
The early morning sunlight and evening lights are the best. It is also said that the ultra violet rays of the morning and evening sun lights stimulate the production of vitamin D and this is very important for calcium metabolism and maintenance of strong bones.
Brittle bones, weak bones or what the medical science called osteoporosis, is a major problem of the elderly, especially women.
For good health,we must learn to deliberatly expose ourselves to early morning sunlight and evening sunlight. This increases our vitamin D and but more importantly increase our vital force. It is better to walk barefooted during this exercise. The barefooted contact with earth by foot increases the vital force. Anyone can do this for a month and later go to the hospital to measure his vital statistics of BP, blood sugar, heart beat and others. They will all improve.

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