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Banana Juice: 6 Things You Do Not Know About Banana Juice

Banana juice is one natural food you must really have

The Banana Fruit

It has many varieties, some are dwarf  while others are tall, up to 3-5 meter. The dwarf varieties are less than 2 meters in height. 

The fruit also varies widely. Some remain green when ripe while most turn yellow on ripening. Bananas are said to be the most popular and most widely consumed fruits in the world.

Nutritional Medicinal Properties Of Banana Juice

Bananas have high calories in the form of high carbohydrates content . They contain fats, vitamins especially vitamins C, A, and B complex, and a host of other major and minor trace nutrients. 

Bananas are very high in potassium.

Bananas have high content of calories, minerals, vitamins and some fats while groundnuts and cashew nuts are specifically high in protein about 45%. 

It also has high content of vitamins B complex including niacin and folic acid while the unsaturated fatty acid is essential for so many ill health indications

Help to build up energy

Consumption of banana quickly replenishes the body with energy. The naturally occurring carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars like fructose, glucose and other monosaccharides readily come to mind.

Glucose and some polysaccharides carbohydrates make bananas unique in the provision of energy to its consumer. 

The absorption of simple monosaccharides begins immediately on consumption. Further energy is unleashed into the bloodstream once the complex carbohydrates are now digested to glucose. The energy release is therefore gradualist and calibrated.

Therefore even though the glycemic index of bananas is high, over 50, it’s useful food to diabetics because the energy is released gradualists in a  calibrated manner in a way that the blood sugar of the diabetics is not overwhelmed or overloaded with glucose.

Therefore bananas are a good source of energy to both diabetics and non diabetics. However, diabetics should guard against excessive consumption. A guide is that diabetics should not consume more than two fingers a day.

Good source of vitamins

Vitamins content helps in strengthening immunity of the body and promote antioxidant activity

Vitamins have high content of vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamins B6. The vitamin C content of bananas promotes its antioxidant activities helping to mop up and ward off free radicals. The vitamin C content also enhances the building up of the immune system. Consumption of bananas is particularly good for colds and flu.

Management and mitigation of ulcers

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