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Health side effects of honey: 8 ways honey affects your health

Health side effects of honey shows that honey contains many nutrients.
The honey bees that produce the honey feed on myriad of plants, flowers, and decaying organisms.

They also feed on sweet and sugary substances of diverse origins.

Health side effects of honey

Specifically, honey is very curative and it used in the control and management of the following diseases or conditions.

Cough: Health side effects of honey

Natural honey licked at two hourly intervals, helps for fast relief of cough. It makes the phlegm soft for expulsion or expectoration.

Asthma: Health side effects of honey

Asthma is a debilitating disease that causes so much discomfort and irritation and it can also be fatal.

However, regular intake of olive oil with natural honey provides good remedy. This should be accompanied with regular medical checkup with a competent doctor.

Gastric Ulcer

Ulcers are becoming common because we do not eat right. There are so many intoxicants we take in as alcohols, caffeine, nicotine etc.

We should eat fruits or vegetable snacks in between meals. Do not allow to much hunger in between meals.

Hunger makes the digestive tracts secrete too much gastric juice with hydrochloric acid(HCL). This is the principle cause of ulcer.

A mixture of pineapple juice and honey is very good for gastric ulcer. It should be taking thrice daily or as soon as any pain is experienced.

Detoxification of the body

Just take honey regularly. Eat raw or add 2 tea spoon to your tea or add 2 spoonful to your pap or oats.

It is very good as a natural tonic to the entire body system. It helps to build the immune system of the body.

When it is subjected to high temperature, honey losses its medicinal and food value. This should be avoided.

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