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Ginger Root Tea Recipe And Health Benefits

Ginger root tea is easy to make at home, and it has many health benefits.

Ginger is a wonderful annual crop plant with a rhizomatous underground stem. The leaves are pear shaped and are green. The shoot can reach up to 60cm in height.

Although it is native to Asia, it is now widely grown in all the tropical and subtropical worlds of Africa, the West Indies, China etc. 

The useful part by the way of phytotherapeutic properties is the rhizome

Nutritional Properties Of Ginger Root Tea

Ginger root tea contains the following compounds: essential oil, resins, gigerol, zingiberin, etc plus a  host of vitamins including potassium K, phosphorous, copper, and calcium

Recipe For Ginger Root Tea

4 tablespoons fresh ginger root

5 cups water

2 tablespoon fresh lime or lemon juice 

Preparation Of Ginger Root Tea

1 Prepare fresh ginger through peeling and slicing

2. In a quart pot, add water with ginger and boil for 20 min

3. Take out from heat, strain and put lime or lemon juice

Ginger root tea is ready

Health Benefits Of Ginger Root Tea

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