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Papaya Leaf Juice: 4 Facts On  Its Health Benefits 

Papaya leaf juice has significant health benefits.

Paw paw or papaya is a native to South America where it has spread to many tropical and subtropical countries of the world.

It is herbaceous tree with a simple stem and growing up to 2-5 meters with palmate leaves formed at the apical region and the fruits formed in between the leaves

Nutritional Properties Of Papaya

It has alkaloid substances, potassium as the main mineral, malic acid, pepsin-like substance papin and vitamins A,B,C

Usable Parts Of Papaya

A. The Fruit

B. The seeds

C. The leaves

Medicinal Benefits Of Papaya

Digestion of proteins

With the pepsin-like compounds and papin as components, consumption of pawpaw aids in the digestion of proteins, especially meat. 

This is a major problem of the elderly. They are hardly able to digest and utilize proteins properly. This leads to other grave health consequences. 

People above 40 years of age should for these reasons and others consume pawpaw daily to have good health.

Papaya Leaf Juice Benefits And Uses

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