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Tomatoes: 8 Reasons Why you need fresh tomatoes juice

Tomatoes is a vegetable fruit that is now grown all over the world. It is an annual vegetable fruit crop with fluffy leaves with pervasive fibrous root and deep tap root. 

The systems are hairy. The fruits are red and fleshy, roundish, oval smooth or could be furrowed. The flesh is also reddish with seeds interspaced with flesh. 

South America is considered the origin of tomatoes. Today, tomatoes are grown in most parts of the world.


Tomato is rich in the pigment called lycopene, minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It has high vitamin C content


1. General tonic or detoxify of the blood

Tomato juice is considered a good blood tonic that helps to wash away the body waste products and poisons thus paving way for good health.

 In short, the juice is a blood purifier and detoxifier. the juice should be taken every day for good health

2. Prostate Cancer Prevention

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