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Lemon Water: Reasons Why You Need To Make And Drink Lemon Water

Lemon water is primarily prepared from lemon. It is a species of citrus that is very popular worldwide with many varieties but its medicinal properties and that of its  peels are similar to those of oranges.

Lemon nutritional value

Called one of nature’s gifts, lemon has many medicinal and nutritional properties.

Its acidic taste belies its scientific property of alkalinising, neutralizing and purifying the blood. 

It does no harm to anyone and it stimulates the body and combats a myriad of diseases.

Medicinal Importance of lemon

Lemon have many vital medicinal value to the body

Combating cholesterol

Squeeze 3 lemons in half glass of water and drink before food for 10 days. Repeat for another 10days after a break of 2 days.

This method is very helpful in combating high cholesterol and acting as vasodilator to the blood vessels making them unclogged. 

It unblock lipids with high density cholesterol. 

With this treatment, lemon is useful in controlling hypertension caused by high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis

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