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Rice Water: 8 Reasons why you need not throw away rice water

Rice water is vital for you. These are reasons why you need not throw it away.

What is rice water ?

That is left over water, after cooking of rice. It aids stronger and very beautiful hair.

Its also used for skin treatment. The water soothe the skin and tones them. Generally, it improves the condition of the skin. That can be made at home.

The water contains substances that helps in protecting and repairing the skin. It has benefits. Some are yet to be scientifically proven.

8 Reasons why you need not throw away rice water and its effects on the guts

Improves skin and hair conditions

Cook rice by boiling it in water. This softens the rice and results in the throwing away of the water. 

Thrown away water contains high nutrients and starch. Its used in several ways.

The effects improve the looks of the skin, and makes the hair shine. It generally improves the health as it improves lots of nourishment to the skin.

It ​boosts energy level

Drinking cooked rice water improves digestion . It relieves constipation and has the capacity to prevent several diseases.

It is rich with minerals and very healthy carbohydrates. 

Drinking a glass of the water in the morning on an empty stomach gives the body some level of energy to stay active during the day.


Great food for toddlers


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