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High Blood Pressure: 3 Juice To Consider And Its Recipe

Beetroot contains high quantities of nitrates. These nitrates are converted to nitrites during digestion. They are then absorbed in the stomach. 

Studies show that the nitrates in the beetroot juice have a great impact on the circulatory system. 

They do so by increasing the levels of blood nitric oxide in the body. 

Research showed that beetroot juice is as efficient as the nitrate capsules. It shows that the lowering of the blood pressure lasted at least for 24 hours. 

Just a glass of beetroot juice is needed per day, so as to reduce and control the blood pressure. 

How to make beetroot juice at home


2 small red Beetroot

2 large Apple

1Celery stalks

1 Carrot

1 Lemon 

Small piece of Ginger


Wash the vegetables and fruits

Cut beetroot into long slices, after peeling them

Cut the apple to pieces along with the carrot  

Slice the celery

Process all the ingredients at the juicer

Juice is ready

Cranberry juice

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