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High Blood Pressure: 3 Juice To Consider And Its Recipe

High blood pressure should not be taken for granted. Those who have high blood pressure must pay adequate care to the type of food they eat.

Their nutrition should be greatly watched. It is beneficial to handle such health problems with natural remedies.

There are many natural remedies that have been proven to lower and have controlling effects on high blood pressure. Those natural remedies are easy to come by and prepare.

Those juicy remedies have other beneficial impacts on the overall body health of the organism, despite reducing the high blood pressure. 

They tend to control cholesterol level, increase the body immunity, boost the body energy, fight cancer and several chronic diseases.

Celery Juice

Celery juice combats high blood pressure. This amazing root vegetable has the capacity to lower the blood pressure, with little or no side effects to the body.

Celery contains very active substances. These substances naturally relax the muscles within the arterial wall, including those that are also very near to them. 

Again, celery tends to decrease the blood sugar level in the body. It enhances the super functions of the cardiovascular system by lowering the stress hormone. 

Celery is rich in potassium, magnesium, and very high quantities of calcium. These minerals have a great impact on the nervous system, by having a calming effect for the nervous system. 

This helps in reducing high blood pressure. 

How to make celery juice

Take three bunches of celery. Cut off both the base and the top of the stalks.

Wash thoroughly and gently in a colander

Chop the stalks of celery. Then put them at the base of the high speed blender.

Put in one cup of water and put on the lid. Blend until smooth.

Put on a clean nut milk bag over the mouth of a pitcher. Slowly and gently, pour the blended celery through the bag, and squeeze.

Juice is ready and refrigerated if need be.

You can also add an apple to your celery juice. 

Beetroot juice 

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