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Red Onion Recipes: 6 Amazing Benefits

Red onion recipes are actually derived from red onions. This particular recipe gives you multiple benefits.

Onion is an ancient crop whose origin is difficult to establish but it is believed that the centers of origin include ancient Egypt, India, China and Rome.

Onions are now a main cooking ingredient all over the world because of the taste, which is pungent. 

The medicinal value of onion can be inferred from the role it played in the menus of poor all over the world from ancient Egypt. In Egypt, onions were given to the poor in lieu of currency for payment of their labour. Alexan\der The Great believed that onions, when eaten, made men stronger. So he always fed his men with onion to conquer the land.

The Red Onion

Onion is a bulbiferous annual or biennial crop. The bulb is the product consumed. The underground bulb is reddish or whitish, depending on varieties, but we also have brown and pale yellow varieties. 

The leaves above the ground are greenish and they form grassy fingers above the ground. The stem is a small disc-like structure around which the bulb radiates and from which the roots grow. The bulb is also a stem.

The onion plant can grow up to 100cm above the ground. The flowers are small and whitish in clusters of unique inflorescence.

Nutritional Properties From Red Onion Recipes

The color of onion is indicative of its properties biochemically. White onions are the strongest. The yellow, with red or purple is the oldest of all, but not as strong in terms of pungency. 

Beside the flavor, the onion also provides a host of biochemicals and nutrients that are germane to human health, either preventively or curatively. Like garlic, onion is rich in sulphur containing compounds which impact the heavy odor.

These sulphur containing compounds are responsible for the odors as well as the medicinal or therapeutic values of onions.

Onions like garlic are rich in allicine, diallyle sulphide, diallye disulphide. It also has chromium, a trace mineral that helps cells to respond to insulin. It has vitamin C, phenols and plenitude of antioxidants flavonoids, especially quercetin.

The higher the concentration of these biochemicals that are health-giving, the stronger is the odor. So the milder varieties are usually not as medicinal as the pungent ones. 

The more the phenols and flavonoids the variety of onions has, the more the antioxidant activity. Note that the phytonutrients and the active ingredients in onions are what make onions very medicinal and therapeutic.

Once your eyes are lachrymal while sliding onions, that onion is high with bioactive agents and therefore very therapeutic and nourishing.

Health Benefits Of Onion Red Onion Recipes

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